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Over the past few years, my work has demonstrated a radical shift, and moved from the exhibition plinth to the walls, creating entirely non-utilitarian ceramic wall hangings that, in their use of repeated patterns and the quilt-like style of display, inquire into the artistic possibilities inherent in the modernist grid, while retaining textile motifs and references. I have developed a technique for silk screening and mono printing representational images on to porcelain slabs that have permitted me to undertake an introspective and highly-charged self-examination in ceramics. This shift to representational imagery in my ceramic wall hangings has opened it up to entirely new possibilities and levels of meaning.

Very recently, I have moved beyond the confines of separately mounted ceramic wall hangings into larger mixed media gallery installations, exhibiting ceramic works in combination with relief prints dealing with the evolution of sexual freedom as ideas of femininity were historically redefined. This move has allowed me to inquire into those familial associations and connections of the most intimate kind.